Where Is the Spirit


Written on 11:42 PM by Riza

I lost my spirit. I feel bad all the time in any place. I don't know why. Yeah maybe I must sit and thinking about what I have done in the past. In this case for wanderer like me sometimes need to stop activity for a moment. Try to read it back. Have you ever like this before? I think you have once in your life time.
So what should we do? you must give your body and soul take a rest for a moment. Yes you need to balance your body and soul. In my case this happening because I'm not discipline in meditation. Generally we have to maintain by doing meditation. Only 15 minutes in the morning...do it when you wake up then 15 minutes in the night when you wanna go to bed.
So to get my spirit again, I must get back doing meditation. All people can do this. And many book about meditation. Wuiiiih at least now I know the answer..for while hehhehehe

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