SEO Book in indonesia version


Written on 12:09 AM by Riza

SEO book I founded in the book store in the end of this year, when I and the twins look around at the book store. The book in indonesian language. Ouw the twins come visit my house with both parents, they stay for a few days after going to visit their grandfather and grandmother in Temanggung. They want to celebrate the new year in Jakarta. they create a lively atmosphere of the home by their laughter, and weeping.

The atmosphere is usually quiet to be different now.At least the entertainment for both of us. The night we invite them to play purimall. during the journey toward purimall, they sleep. Arriving at the mall's first destination was changed, which should play the arena, turned into a bookstore then..I'll find this book. well I have to read first before I tell you about this book xiixixixi

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