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Written on 10:53 PM by Riza

We can see that animals have a variety of different ways in which maintain life, both for food or protect themselves when the attacks get from other animals and natural. Some animals such as lions and bears will attack the confrontation when they feel the danger, another case with trenggiling and turtles that will replicate / hide himself to protect themselves and wait until secure conditions, there are also certain types of birds that impose themselves in the supine position to give the impression not to throw himself eater, and most animals would flee alias run
themselves to safety in the tense situation that appears problematic.

How do the people? What happens when people do problem? In connection with any differences between people and animals, then is the type of human creation that can do all the variations that the animal was done in the face and resolve the problem,
or, in other words, the human being is the most flexible in overcome the problem, where people can confrontation, defensive, changes in the condition of silent waiting, persuasively, including escape from The problem may not be resolved.

However, the problem is to know how to behave in each of the problems, because many people who pitied take the decision not right in this case, for example, a
conditions that ideally take patience with the often overcome with confrontation efforts, so that aggravate the conflict .. otherwise, the problem demanded resolution of the claim persuasive, faced with the way silence or defensive problems that linger and become prolonged.

It is wise to analyze the problem and find the best approach to solve them, use variations of the most profitable .. and efforts confrontation / Offensive & 'escape' may be The options become a priority for the last done.

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