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Written on 9:40 PM by Riza

Its been a long time, I’m not open mailing list. most of mailing list that I follow –was the spiritual mailing list. Why spiritual? because spiritual is the basic human needs .. kind of subconscious in most every human being. Regardless of the religious needs of God that there will be general and this role will be very pronounced when social norms that are perceived can not help at all. At the time, the men will find answers, or any shape of the nucleus to satisfy the spiritual thirst in himself.

Back on the mailing list, with the exclusion of many things and join the benefits can be drawn to the needs of the human soul. Sometimes there are such pieces of answers to questions that we may not get the answer at the time before. Modernization of the language is "enlightenment"

Well if you want to know about the mailing list here is the address

Hope you can find the answer …about anything in your life, god bless you

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