Being Rich


Written on 7:29 PM by Riza

Becoming rich is the desire most of people, and nothing wrong with it. There are several things that must be considered :

(1) Being rich is not the main goal in this life
(2) Want to rich quickly, often trap people into the act of sin
(3) Enjoy life more important from a wealthy but have many problems
(4) Always remember the problem does not need to search, he will find us, all people have problem.Just Pray when you face it
(5), Thanks to the god for all that we do
(6) think positive, for instance do not say I'm poor, but I say far from rich.
(7) How do we serve the full meaning of life? just think deeply about it
(8) There is good things when we always remember that God often teaches people with small things first, before entrusting the matter, and there is not my thing in the world Like that meet all our idealism. Think simple!
(9) Start of from our self first, before you want to teach other people.
(10) A hidden treasure that is not always true in what could be seen, but on what can not be seen. Love that is not true in what has been done and known, but on what has been done but not known

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    pagi mas..slm kenal juga yah..


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