BSD 20th Anniversary


Written on 8:14 PM by Riza

Tanggal 18 bln ini ada perayaan Ultahnya BSD, dibawah ini agenda acara BSD 20th Anniversary "Celebratwenty"

1. Morning Activities: 04.00 - 12.00
- Safari Subuh "Rohani Islami"
- Jalan Sehat "Your Healthy Life with Healthy Walk"
- Jajanan "Hot Breakfast in the Morning"
- Free gift for Kids "Magic Box"
- Wall Climbing
- Tai Chi "Balancing Your Life with Tai Chi"
- Sepeda Santai "Bike The Road"
- Senam Mawar "Celebrate your Body"
- Lomba Mewarnai "Fun with Cryons"

2. Competitions: 12.30 - 17.30
- Band Competition "Music in My Life"
- 3 on 3 Basketball Competition "Rock da Rim"
- Coaching Clinic from ASPAC
- Basket Ball Show (All Star)
- Modern Dance Competition "Save the Last Dance"

3. Entertainment Shows: 17.30 - 00.00
- MC by Donna Agnesia and BAJAJ
- Katon Bagaskara
- Mahagenta
- Fashion Show by Ivan Gunawan and Look Models "Fashion Fiesta"
- Judika Idol
- Andra and The Bockbones
- Announcement The Winner of Competitions
Sumber milis warga adena

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